The Horizons Reunion is the weekend of October 1, 2022!

Although Horizons School is no longer, the spirit of our school and the memories will always remain.  To commemorate the school and our appreciation for all that the Horizons community means, we are organizing a reunion for Horizons School for all classes and would love for you to attend.  This event is free of charge but we will require an RSVP so that we can accommodate everyone who can join us.

Where: The reunion weekend will take place at Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort at Stone Mountain Park (see further discussion below). If you’d like to stay at the resort in a block of rooms at the rate of $149/night, use this link to register.

What: We are planning events all weekend — and we want your input, too!

  • Friday, September 30: Catch up and hang out at the resort restaurant bar (evening; exact time TBD)
  • Saturday, October 1: Evolving daytime activities, then dinner at the resort restaurant.
  • Sunday, October 2: Brunch and goodbyes at the resort restaurant.

What we need from you:

  • Acknowledging the tradition of student-designed t-shirts at Horizons School, we would love to have one for this reunion. Calling all artists to send in ideas or designs for reunion merch!
  • We also welcome any written or other media expression of your own memories or tributes for any members of our community who have passed on.  
  • As a community, we want to do our best to ensure everyone’s continued health and well-being. We’d love it if you made COVID-avoiding choices in the days leading up to the event and/or masked when possible while in groups.
  • Please register below and include responses to the above and your contact info!

We are hoping for a great turnout and look forward to a spectacular class reunion. Please mark your calendars, RSVP, and plan to join us all in the celebrating!

A note about the location: Some of you have expressed concerns about our plan to use the Conference Center at Stone Mountain for this reunion. We would have been surprised if you did not! The facilities at the Evergreen Conference Center make our planning job much easier than any other venue we researched. We are excited about someone else carrying out the responsibilities for food, drinks, electricity, and seating. You will not be expected to bring a contribution to a Potluck Dinner!! For people who live outside Atlanta, the conference center includes a hotel, and the campground is nearby. You and your Horizons posse can find tons to do in the park for the entire day, if you want to do so. As you enter Stone Mountain Park, the streets are still named after major figures in the southern confederacy, and nothing has changed on the face of the mountain. On the other hand, there are now multiple community groups involved with planning for the future of Stone Mountain Park, as it is under both cultural and financial pressure to change. If you currently go for a walk in this park, on an ordinary day, you are likely to find a truly diverse group of people enjoying it. Please let us hear any of your lingering concerns. We want everyone to feel welcome to the reunion.