Our Grants

The Community Corps hopes to contribute to its various communities for a long time. Descriptions of our grants will accumulate below.



This exciting second round of grants will support eleven excellent Atlanta-area projects with funding over $105,000!

Please check out the organizations below (click the logo to visit the organization’s website). Please also consider sharing the announcements on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, by distributing the official press release, and by spreading the word about The Community Corps to relevant projects in your life!

Art education & community access
Art-based therapy for kids
Addressing gender-based violence among African immigrants
LGBTQ+ diversity in the theater arts
Field trips for underserved students in West Atlanta
Therapeutic choices for South Asian kids who survive violence
Services & education for survivors of crime and violence
Empowerment and celebration of the southern Jewish LGBTQ+ community
Fiber artist Camisha Butler’s anthropological research project RETURN/SHARE
Training service providers to develop culturally sensitive processes for immigrant survivors of gender-based violence
Voice coach and educator Akirah Renée’s continuing education project



We are absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve selected six amazing organizations from this round of applications, for grants totaling $51,000! You can help by sharing the announcements on Facebook or LinkedIn, by distributing the official press release, and by checking out the amazing programs here! (You can click on the logo to visit each organization’s website.)

ACCENT Education trips to Savannah
Community Science Ambassadors
Art therapy-based programs for children experiencing homelessness
Saturday school & arts enrichment program
Young adult & student education
Sourcing wardrobe accessories for educators

MD Anderson 2020

Sally (left) and Lety with Simba the Wonder Dog
Dr. Frumovitz and Simba hard at work

Leticia Gustin became a part of the Horizons School family when her daughter, Heather, became a student in 1990. Lety taught Spanish at Horizons on top of her career as a pediatric R.N. and then, later, full-time. In 2012, Lety was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cervical cancer. Over the next seven years, Lety and her wife Sally Turnage Gustin found both medical care and loving support at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Lety passed away in January 2020.

In August of 2020, The Community Corps made its first grant in the amount of $25,000 to MD Anderson in Lety’s memory. At Sally’s request, it was also dedicated to the ongoing efforts of Dr. Michael Frumovitz.

Learn more about Horizons School, and about Lety and Sally’s experiences there.